Vibrato Technique

Vibrato is another lead guitar technique that really allows you to play more expressively. Adding vibrato to your guitar playing will help you to start developing your own unique voice.

There are many different vibrato techniques. What works best for you depends on your body and what you find to be the most comfortable. Some people turn their wrist back and forth, and that movement creates a smooth, subtle vibrato. Another technique is to bend the string up and down slightly using primarily your fingers. This creates a more exaggerated vibrato.

It’s up to you which technique you use, so experiment with what works best for you and find your own sound.

Narrow Vibrato

Narrow vibrato is the type of vibrato you’ll use the most. The width of the vibrato simply refers to how far you push the note out of tune. “Narrow” vibrato is a less extreme form of vibrato.

Applying a subtle amount of vibrato can add life to a note that you resolve a lick on or a note you’re bending up to.

Narrow Vibrato

Wide Vibrato

Wide vibrato is more aggressive and noticeable. Adding wide vibrato is great for creating a higher energy sound, and depending on your technique, is a great way to put your own personal stamp on it.

Wide vibrato is more physically demanding so you might find your fingers getting tired while doing this. A lighter string gauge can help with fatigue if a wider vibrato is something you plan on using a lot.

Wide Vibrato

Vibrato Speed

The speed of your vibrato is where you can really start defining your sound. There are many iconic vibratos out there, and they range from slow and full of soul to fast and full of energy. Experiment with different speeds to see which suits your playing style.

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